Monday, November 5, 2007

my uneventful life just got eventful

so today i have things to do with g-ma. getting things ready for thu-rsday. then tomorrow i have a test in my med.term. class woohoo... (yeah right) 
then wednesday i have to go to practice then thursday the thing and then friday the day of rest for me who is non-stop busy... i have movie night at kaleb's... debating if im going to go or not still... but since i said i would i guess i should. then saturday is the thing up here in t-town. then sunday... i think i have something going on...but what it is i dont know... well whatever it is they will call me and let me know i missed it. its not like all these things are bad things not at all just the test tomorrow (i havent studied) but they just take a lot of time and energy and thinking power and really i dont have thinking power. with everything else that i have going on yeah this is going to be an easy week! well off to g-ma's ta ta for now!

Friday, November 2, 2007

My Ado to Amber

Alright since I have never done this before i will start where it is due my sister-in-"love" started the blog world for what the whole family im guessing and since i wasn't apart of it before I'm starting now! Now Amber you will know exactly what is going on lol! Anyway I'll start from the beginning of this week... on tuesday i started my medical terminology class and well at first it was hard i didnt understand what exactly was going on but now that i went last night which was yesterday i think the next 17 weeks are going to be fun! we got to play around with stethoscopes. it was really weird to listen to my own insides! so scotty is working like non-stop and we cant wait for the holidays so we can hang out with family!Plus both of our birthdays are coming up!  well im going to go study... thanks amber i hope to see you and evelyn and preston and andy soon! ta ta for now!!