Sunday, March 1, 2009

Girls Night Announcement

To Those Of Whom Do Girls Nite W/ Myself We Need To Decide When! I Say Any Saturday... Whenever Everyone Is Available And Whomevers House... I Have What We Can Do Planned Just Not When And Where! Love Ya'll Talk Soon! Am Home Call Cell If Ideas Come To Mind!!! 

You try so hard to find the rhythm in ur heartbeat 

The less you know the more u want

To try to justify the secrets of our lifetime 

In the end he'll come for us! 

~~Take Care: A Change of Pace~~

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Arizona!! This past weekend was sooo much fun! These are a few pics that i took while out and about from the top is Francis! She goes to church with Cressa and i found out she loves ANIME!! i love her for that! it was fun talking to her and Ilean about anime and the fair that was there! The pic below is the family after lunch on the day going on the METRO!!! That was soo much fun!! We went Saturday for most of the day. The pic right next to that is the pic of the "2nd cuzions" from the "reunion" thing that went on Saturday night! Nichole loves ANIME too! after that me and Cressa went to "work" that was sooo interesting lol! Summer was awesome! yeah! We had a busy weekend but I would never forget or would i ever give up the chance to ever do it again! I Love My Family!!! 

My Family is as sweet as Fudge with a couple of Nuts!!!! 

My Wild Weekend w/ friends



Alright I know that this perticular weekend was last month with my friends but it was fun! We did some stupid stuff like walking around downtown Bako and being stupid on the rooftop of the parking garage but it was with my friends that are oddly enough sometimes weirder than I am! 

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Gone Fishing

Last nite at like 9:30 pm, dad decided to fix the fish tank. At first Dad didnt want to do it but since he already started by cutting the cord to the heater to get it out... he had to finish. So he fixed the heater but in new intakes and all the while had an interested shrimp following them. Basically the whole upstairs smelt like a dwarf! It was gross! I didnt mind the salt air but then you get the smell of fish poop in with it and it ruins it for ya! Anyway... Scott and Dad did this until about 10:15 it was entertaining to say the least on most parts. Yep yep! I on the other had was intranced by a new story on my fanfict page! It's a roller coaster of different things. I had to explain to mom the reason i was crying and laughing all at the same time when it was just us in the living room! It was in my case hilarious! I know mom isnt into it but its all gravy! lol anywhohow... thats all for yesterday! So far i have kept my new year resolutions!        I will talk with you all soon!