Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Jury Duty not very dutiful

otay yesterday i had jury duty.... started out frustrating. got to the court house fine but the parking... that was a different story! since i never had to do that before i just parked in the time area where it said unlimited time. thinking that i was just fine! but when i was getting out of the car this very tall and very intimidating cop came over and looked down on me and asked if i was here for jury duty. of course to myself i thought the little parking ticket they make you put in your window if proof enough so i said, "Yes, did i do something wrong sir"? Of course he got something up his rear end and said in an attitude i really didnt like. Yeah you park over there. pointing to the parking lot across the railroad track. now you have to remember this was my first time doing my duty as a citizen. so i said alright how do i get over there because of course there was a train in my way to get over there. so he told me the directions and at the same time another older gentleman was getting in the car beside me; frustrated cuz he had to move his car to the other parking lot even though he was here first.( complaining cuz he got there early thinking first come first serve to the unlimited parking and now having to move his car just like me to the parking lot behind the stopped train. so we finally got around when i pulled up and i was getting my drink and everything a lady (that i have never met before mind you) parked right in front of me noticed the little parking ticket in the window and said, You got jury too? i said, "yeah" and so i locked my car and went on to where i thought was the place to go. well while i was going across the railroad tracks the lady was right beside me. so i thought she might be bored why not talk. for all i knew it was only going to a 2 second hey how are you kinda convo and then i get to read and go home. so after the hey how are you convo she asked where i lived... now im guessing she asked cuz of the sticker i have in my window to go to the dump for ss. come to find out she is also from tehachapi. i thought great alright someone that you have something in common just talk about that. well... i kinda regret saying good morning... cuz i thought she was going to die it seemed she never took a breath from talking!!!!! we sit down and she of course inside she gets this like burst of 2 hour energy to talk my ear off and at this same time other people were coming in and sitting down and some even came over just to hear her stories and such but every time she got up to either get a drink or whatever she was doing the lady that decided to sit at the table with us asked how long i knew her. i looked up at the clock and said about 2 hours now. the lady said if she doesnt stop talking im going to strangle her. so when the lady got back i was reading and she quietly sat down and starting reading herself. ( i was going for the monkey see monkey do method and i guess it worked) anyways it was about 11 when a balif came in and had a list of names. ( now mind you lunch started at 11:30 and got back at 1:30 so we had a 2 hour break) so when my name was called i was quite mad. i had made plans with the talkative one to accompany her at the dollar store down the road somewhere. i really didnt want to do jury duty or sit and be questioned. so i went in did what we had to do before the judge then we got called to be in the jury box 18 at a time. just for the questioning! the 10th name called? mine of course!!!!!!!! so there i sat. waiting for the rest of the names to be called. when he got the 18th person. the judge of course says alright i call an hour recess for lunch!!!!! ( we hadn't even begun questioning and it was almost 12!!!!!) so lunch went by and we got back in there sat down and starting questioning. now to my understanding anyone that had anyone in the family in the law enforcement was excused!!! now i sat there and was questioned the normal questions by the judge. and then the couselor asked questions to everyone then the defendent asked questions to everone. everyone that is ... except me! the entire time of having about 80 people there. people getting dismissed up and leaving and someone new came in and every where around me that kept happening....... except me! we got to the final question from the counselor again. the judge asked if he would like to remove someone from the jury? you know what he said." No, your honor" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
from right there i knew that i hated the judical crap of questioning!
so here i go off to find if this person is guilty or still innocent!
life bites!
last night was fun though! i went to the park with a few friends that i dont get to see that often and hung out played on the toys at river walk park and played on the swings just to have fun! that was pretty nice!! it was good to have that after such a tramatic day!

i will continue my journey's through the jury duty system this evening and get back to you tomorrow!!



Monday, May 5, 2008


what i do today a whole lot of nothing... helped scott... watched music videos... did my new workout routine and talked to Nichole both online and on the telo-fono. other than that..... nothing much... very exciting cant wait till tomorrow... tomorrow i am SUMMONED... for jury duty. well till tomorrow... good nite.